Getting started with Phoenix framework

Getting started with Phoenix framework

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What is Phoenix framework ?

Is this a new meta framework line Nextjs or ( ? Answer is No. Phoenix is similar to Ruby on Rails, but has been built on top of elixir programming language

What knowledge is required before digging into Phoenix framework ?

A fundamental knowledge of elixir is required. Elixir is an interesting language, built on top of erlang, an already proven language for building scalable realtime applications. You can also follow this for a quick reference. And for practise use Exercism elixir track

What has catapulted Phoenix to be one of the most loved web frameworks ?

  1. Community
  2. Ease of building realtime application
  3. Liveview: A React like programming paradigm baked into the framework, which is used to build rich, real-time user experiences

How to start building phoenix web app ?

  1. Follow Phoenix guides. As every web framework has its learning curve. Folder structure, database migrations, route helpers etc are best taught in the documentation.
  2. Create few sample applications using Youtube Tutorials
  3. Build an e-commerce website with phoenix framework.

    WIP. I'll update the link once draft is ready

Important twitter accounts to follow

  1. Chris McCord
  2. José Valim
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